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William Monty Simmons

(864) 430 - 9371

Before attending law school, Monty worked over ten years as an electrical engineer for IBM, NCR, and AT&T.  In 1983, Monty helped design the IBM PC, one of the world’s first personal computers and an IBM intranet used for IBM employee internal communications (pre-Internet network). While at AT&T GIS, Monty help design laptop computers and one of the world's first pen-based and touchscreen-based products - the fundamental technologies used in today's smartphones. While at NCR and AT&T, Monty worked as a global compliance engineer traveling around the world, obtaining worldwide electromagnetic compatibility compliance certifications for computing technology.

In 1994, during law school, Monty was a founding partner of Compliance Test Laboratories (CTL).  Monty designed and installed a multi-million dollar test facility for testing electronic devices to verify compliance with global electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.  Such test facility included the world's first 
ferrite based anechoic chamber certified by the FCC.

In 1997 Monty received his law degree, and in 2000 Monty began specializing in procuring and protecting intellectual property and has drafted and acquired 200-plus patents, 100-plus trademarks, and numerous copyright registrations for our clients. 

Today, Monty represents 
and foreign clients in the acquisition, enforcement, and coordination of all aspects of their intellectual property rights in diverse technologies such as utility meter AMR devices, artificial intelligence, wearable electronic, RF communications, electronic devices, counter-espionage devices, and techniques, mechanical devices, sports equipment, and motocross safety equipment. 







  • Monty Simmons is an electrical engineer and holds several patents for his electronic-based inventions;

  • Monty can program in any computer language;

  • Monty is a published author and received a Technology Authors Award while at NCR for publishing a work on anechoic chambers; and

  • Monty has received various other awards for the development of intellectual properties.



  • Black-belt in Tae Kwon Do;

  • Turn wrenches for motocross racers;

  • Motocross safety equipment design;

  • Hiking and Survival;

  • Photography;




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