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While anyone can draft patent applications and associated documents, it is extremely difficult to draft a valuable patent application. There are "land mines" everywhere and one missed step and patents blow up and all the associated resources spent procuring such patents go up in smoke along with the valuable patent protection that could have been. 

After more than 10 years creating intellectual property for companies such as IBM, NCR, and AT&T, and 15 years of drafting patent applications, one truth seems clear: to be the best at drafting a valuable patent one must know the subject matter of the invention. Additionally, one should have experience in litigating patents as such experience teaches one how not to draft patent applications. 


With regard to artificial intelligence, computing and "smart" technologies, our people are true pioneers in such fields. Our people programmed computers back when punch cards were used, help develop one of the worlds first personal computers while working for IBM and helped develop one of the worlds first pen products while working for ATT (technology used in today's smartphones). We are electrical engineers, lawyers, and wordsmiths which give us valuable insight into exactly what is valuable about an invention and how to describe/claim the same in a patent application to achieve the full scope of protection possible.


We have similar experiences in other fields as well as experience litigating infringement suits.

Our clients can rest easy knowing Simmons Patents has the experience required to correctly protect their inventions and will endeavor to create valuable patents.  


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